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Audrey, Wait!, Robin Benway


It sounds romantic – Audrey’s ex-boyfriend Evan wrote a song about their break-up. But Audrey is discovering just how difficult it is to be famous – or rather, infamous. Audrey is a likable narrator, fairly well balanced and stable, but the book progresses, the abnormality of fame overwhelms her. Audrey seems to have a positive and healthy relationship with her parents, though as the story progresses, things get a little difficult, especially as Audrey begins to explore the perks of being famous. Still, they set up some boundaries regarding information and personal responsibility, and Audrey accepts that they have reasonable expectations for her. Audrey’s best friend, Victoria, stays with her through the book, although her interest in playing agent and capitalizing on Audrey’s sudden fame causes some stress in their friendship for some time. James, Audrey’s co-worker, is very supportive throughout the changes and challenges of being famous, and he eventually ends up becoming her boyfriend. Audrey rejects the popular girls’ sudden overtures of friendship because she realizes that they only want to be close to someone famous.

There are a few obscenities scattered throughout the text, with some chapters more heavily populated than others, as well as references to sexual activity and underage drinking.

There are enough popular songs written about breakups and ex-girlfriends/boyfriends every year to keep this book current. Fans of this book might like to move up to Sarah Dessen’s “This Lullaby,” “Nick and Norah’s Ultimate Playlist” or “Guitar Girl.” It will also appeal to those who enjoy the “Princess Diaries” series.

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