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Crazy Beautiful, Lauren Baratz-Logsted


“Crazy Beautiful” begins with two new students – a troubled double amputee named Lucius, and a sunny young woman named Aurora, recently recovering from her mother’s death from cancer. Initially drawn to one another, Aurora is quickly adopted by the popular crowd, while Lucius finds himself befriending the young but disillusioned security guard at the school. The story becomes rushed and confused about two-thirds of the way through. Lucius confesses his secret to Aurora, her father is suspended from his school librarian job, and the high school popular crowd unravels. The development of the antagonist is passably written, though predictable.

Aurora seems to have healthy interpersonal skills and isn’t afraid to speak up against the general consensus about Lucius. She has a good and caring relationship with her father, especially after the death of her mother. Teens may slowly warm up to the moody and self-abasing Lucius, but learning the reason behind his accident may shock them as much as it shocks Aurora.

Though teenage girls will be drawn to this story by its attractive black & white cover and premise based on “Beauty and the Beast,” the writing detracts from what could have been a much better story.

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