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Fire, Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson


When will Robin McKinley stop whiling away her time on these side projects and go back to writing Damar stories?

This is the question I keep asking myself whenever I see that there’s a new YA novel or a short story compilation being released. I first read “The Hero and the Crown” many many years ago, followed by “The Blue Sword,” “Beauty,” “Deerskin” (imo, her very best work), “Sunshine” and all the others, even the one-shot YA novels. But none of her recent work has had the same magical appeal of those early works.

“Fire” is a collection of five stories, three of which were written by McKinley’s husband, Peter Dickinson. If I had to pick one as a favourite, I’d have to go with “Hellhound,” even though that was only mildly appealing. “First Flight” reeked of parallels to McCaffrey’s “Pern” novels. The other three stories were not particularly interesting.

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