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Lady Vernon and Her Daughter, Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway


One of the most appealing things about this book is that it portrays the power of the written word. A good portion of it is dedicated to letters sent back and forth between characters — an Austenian take on social networking before the advent of Twitter, Facebook, texting, cell phones, and e-mail.

The novel follows the adventures of Lady Vernon and her daughter, Frederica, after the death of Sir Frederick, which leaves them financially dependent on his spendthrift brother, Charles Vernon. The result is a lively romp through Regency England, replete with charming young men, rascally cousins, and plenty of gossip. It’s a fluffy spin-off of a Jane Austen novella, and more true to Austen’s ideology of women and society than other recent attempts at adapting her works for a modern audience.

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  1. Barbara L permalink
    2010/03/31 09:52

    My absolute favorite of the stream of Austen-philia – Lady Vernon and Her Daughter just delighted me. If you didnt seen the books video trailer here is the link – one of the best book videos & a very professional job.

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