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Lock and Key, Sarah Dessen


“Lock and Key” follows the life of seventeen-year-old Ruby Cooper after her mother one day leaves their home and doesn’t return. For a while Ruby works around the lack of heat, broken pipes, leftover bottles, and struggles to pay the rent and other bills. But eventually the landlord discovers that Ruby has been abandoned by her mother, and before she realizes it, Ruby is being sent off to live with her older sister, Cora, who left them as soon as she turned eighteen.

Cora and her husband Jamie turn out to be ridiculously nice people, despite the fact that Jamie is the founder of one of the most popular social networking sites ever and yet is still digging his own koi pond. Ruby has her own room, bathroom, her choice of breakfast foods, and an entire wardrobe supplied for her. But she struggles to understand why exactly her mother has left, where she went, and what Ruby is supposed to do in the meantime.

Sarah Dessen is well-known for her portrayals of strong female characters as they encounter a variety of challenges and changes; this novel is another example of her engaging writing.

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