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Gateway, Sharon Shinn


Daiyu, a Chinese girl adopted by Caucasian parents, lives a fairly normal and boring life in St. Louis. Then one summer day at the fair, she buys a black jade ring, and suddenly finds herself in a fantastical alternate universe where St. Louis is inhabited by people who look like her. Daiyu is rescued by a young Caucasian man named Kalen, who takes her to two servants of the gods, Ombri and Aurora, who tell her that she has been brought to their world to help vanquish a rebel. She is understandably confused by everything, and clings to Kalen as she attempts to determine who is good and who is evil in the world she has been thrown into. Soon she finds herself caught up in society, posing as the niece of a wealthy and powerful society woman in order to more closely observe Chenglei, the man who she has been told to subdue.

I’ve been a huge fan of Shinn’s novels for adults, including her Samaria and Twelve Houses novels, but not so much of her young adult works. I felt that this book skimmed over too many important details, lingered too much on a whirlwind romance, and tied together far too easily at the end.

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