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This World We Live In, Susan Beth Pfeffer


This companion novel to “Life as We Knew It” and “The Dead and Gone” is narrated by Miranda Evans. One year after the catastrophic meteor collision with the moon which threw off the earth’s climate, weather patterns, and ocean tides, Miranda and her family have survived the winter, and are trying to make preparations for the coming year. This includes raiding the abandoned houses nearby and attempting to catch fish at the river fifteen miles away. And then Miranda’s father shows up — with his wife, their baby son, and three other people.

Though the novel moves quickly, and something is happening on every page, I continued to be annoyed with Miranda’s character, as in her previous book. She seems self-centered, volatile, and constantly arguing with those she lives with, while at the same time trying to insist to her journal that she is mature enough to make decisions about her future. However, her writing is vivid and engaging, which perhaps is why I react so strongly to her.

Those who enjoyed Pfeffer’s two previous novels in the series will enjoy this one. However, those who are particular fans of the second book may not relish the portrayal of those characters in this third volume.

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