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The Vinyl Princess, Yvonne Prinz


Yvonne Prinz is one of the co-founders of Amoeba Music, an independent music store with locations in Hollywood and Berkeley, California. So she has first hand knowledge and experience befitting this novel about a young girl working at a record store on Telegraph in Berkeley.

Allie is sixteen years old and it is summer. Now working full-time at Bob & Bob Records, she has also decided to start up a blog devoted to vinyl records, called “The Vinyl Princess,” and is working on a printed zine to promote it as well. Meanwhile, her father and his second wife are having a baby, her mother has decided to start dating again, and her best friend’s boyfriend is hooking up with a band groupie. Add one mysteriously intriguing boy, an obnoxious boy with lots of questions about records, and a rash of robberies along Telegraph Avenue, and you have this book.

Allie is delightfully passionate about music, which wends its way throughout the chapters; those who have ever blogged about music or thought about starting a zine will applaud and enjoy her efforts. The streets of Berkeley are portrayed genuinely and with gritty detail, and Allie describes her co-workers, family members, and strangers on the street with honest and blunt words. A delightful light read.

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