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The Six Rules of Maybe, Deb Caletti


Seventeen year old Scarlet Ellis lives on Parrish Island with her mother. She is known for being the “designated listener” at school, and spends much of her time observing people and finding ways to be useful to them. One day, Scarlet’s older sister, Juliet, comes home from Portland, where she has been working as a hotel singer, pregnant, and with her new husband (neither Scarlet or her mother were aware of this) and his big furry dog named Zeus in tow. All this happens in the first fifteen pages.

As the book progresses, readers begin to understand her need to be useful and make a difference in people’s lives. Scarlet describes her friends and the romance-in-progress between her friend Nichole and the boy she has yet to speak with, and notes her attempts to bridge the two. She also begins to notice and worry about the connection she has with Juliet’s young husband, Hayden, as well as observing and fretting over her mother’s relationship with the obsessive-compulsive Dean.

Introverts and those who worry a little more than they should will appreciate Scarlet’s story. She is an eloquent and observant narrator who often refers to psychology texts and concerns herself with the well-being of those around her. Readers will enjoy Scarlet’s growth as she learns how trying to fix everyone’s problems can create some of her own. Fans of Sarah Dessen will enjoy Deb Caletti’s books.

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  1. 2010/04/23 17:52

    To see my review of this book or one of Deb Caletti’s other books, “The Fortunes of Indigo Skye”, visit Elfgirl Books. 🙂

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