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Chester, Chester’s Back, and Chester’s Masterpiece, Melanie Watt


In this series, Melanie Watt attempts to write stories, and her cat Chester manages to steal the show, and the storyline, every time. In each book, Chester adds his commentary and story ideas in red marker, including comments on the copyright page, title page, and throughout the text.

In the first Chester story, Melanie begins writing a story about a mouse. Chester quickly interferes and sends the mouse away on a long trip. When Melanie brings the mouse and a large dog back into the story, Chester tries to take up the page and draw himself a new house, which she washes away. The story quickly falls into banter between Melanie and Chester. Even the mouse manages to get a word or two in edgewise.

In the second Chester story, Melanie tries to begin writing a story about Chester, but this time he decides to pretend to be a cave-cat. Melanie decides to hold auditions for a new, more compliant Chester, and the mouse makes another appearance.

In the third Chester story, Chester takes over the writing process entirely, although Melanie provides commentary via post-its on every page.

Children will love the bossy and some times obnoxious Chester as he prances his way through (literally) Melanie’s stories. Like any good cat, he has a mind of his own, and also has a red marker to go along with it. Because of the scattered dialogue, this series might not work as well as others for reading aloud in a storytime setting.

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