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A Matter of Class, Mary Balogh


In this charming short novel by Mary Balogh, the children of two rival neighbors are forced into an arranged marriage. Reggie Mason, the son of the wealthy but untitled Bernard Mason, is an extravagant young man who has spent more than his fair share of time gambling and shopping. His father, in an attempt to rein in his heir, has decided that Reggie must marry into nobility. However, the only noblewoman who is even a remote possibility is Lady Annabelle Ashton, who recently disgraced her family by attempting to run away with the coachman. Lady Annabelle was the belle of the latest Season, and had been courted by the son of a duke, until her indiscretion with the coachman. It is a mere matter of days before both Reggie and Annabelle’s parents have reached an agreement of marriage, regardless of their childrens’ objections.

A few spelling errors mar the flow of this novel. However, Mary Balogh is well known for her Regency romances, and this is a prime, though short, example. A fun, fluffy read.

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