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Impossible, Nancy Werlin


In this young adult retelling of the traditional ballad “Scarborough Fair,” seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough discovers a curse which has haunted the women of her family, including her mother, Miranda. Lucy has been raised by Leo and Soledad, two of Miranda’s good friends, after being abandoned by her mother, who occasionally comes around, insane, homeless, and refusing any sort of treatment. But after disaster strikes on the night of Lucy’s prom, she, her best friend Zach, and her foster parents begin to unravel the true meaning of Miranda’s insanity. Discovering Miranda’s teenage diary helps them to realize what they are up against, and the four of them set to the difficult task of fighting against the supernatural.

Although the premise of this novel is intriguing, the mesh of teen girl novel and ancient curse is a little uneven. Some parts of the novel seem too forced, especially certain scenes of Lucy and Zach’s romance, which seems to arise simply to counteract the threat in the ballad. I wish it had been better written, since I think it could be a lovely novel, but in its current form, it is weak and unconvincing.

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