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Cook This, Not That, David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding


The authors of the popular “This, Not That” series have been churning out books in the past few years, starting with the original “Eat This, Not That” about popular restaurant offerings and how to select the lesser off a menu full of fat and sugar laden evils; this was followed by a kids’ consumer guide, a supermarket guide, a beverage guide, and now this, a cookbook designed to help swap unhealthy restaurant meals for inexpensive homecooked meals. The authors briefly address various trends in food consumption, including the inflation of restaurant portions, food advertising, and consumer awareness. Each chapter ends with a visually appealing two-page spread of food trivia. Each recipe has a page of text and a full page photo of the completed meal; a pop-out box describes the caloric, fat, and sodium content of the home-prepared meal versus a similar offering from a chain restaurant, as well as the approximate cost for each.

This series is popular for its simple, casual text, which is very readable; the pictures and pop-out boxes are appealing, and the recipes are not too difficult. A handy little cookbook to keep around.

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