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Still, Lauren Winner


I snapped up an ARC of this book at a local Goodwill after having read “Girl Meets God” a few years ago. This book is markedly different from that work; Winner herself writes in the preface, “this book is not a manual for ‘getting through’ the middle… nor is it an opologetics… nor is ‘Still’ a memoir… this book is about the time when the things you thought you knew about spiritual life turn out not to suffice for the life you are actually living” (xiv-xv). The book is not about her mother’s death or the dissolution of her six-year marriage, despite the somewhat misleading jacket notes; instead, short chapters of a page or three relate Winner’s reflections on her disconnect with God, her bouts with loneliness, going to church and sitting in the last row so she can slip out in the middle if need be.

Despite the honesty and brokenness that is conveyed in Winner’s writing, I felt disconnected and unmoved by most of the book. It read like a less genuine, less real rendition of Madeleine L’Engle’s spiritual writings. Being unimpressed with this may also be due in part to the fact that I read Sarah Sentilles’ “Breaking Up With God” just prior, which I found to be much more compelling.

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