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A Game of Thrones, Graphic Novel, Vol. 1


First of all, you must read the first paragraph on the front flyleaf, preferably aloud and with great gusto. I was able to make my coworker run away cringing when I read it.

Next: I read the first four books in the Song of Fire and Ice series in a mad rush right around the time the fourth book was published, so it must have been late 2005 or early 2006. When the fifth book was finally published last year, I thought about going back to reread in order to remember the backstory before launching into “A Dance With Dragons” but still have not gotten around to it. So picking up this graphic novel was a step in the direction of someday rereading the series.

The drawings are beautifully detailed and the colors crisp and vivid; there is plenty of violence and nudity, so it’s definitely not a children’s comic book, and don’t let anyone try to trick you into thinking it’s so. If you’ve seen or heard anything about the books or the TV show, you must know what you’re getting into — this is MA material.

The next installment is due out in December, although I find it hard to believe that they’ll be able to keep up the pace of publishing, given the intricacy and work that goes into each collection. I hope the collaborators on this work manage to make it through the entire series — for that matter, I hope Martin makes it through the series; it started out as a trilogy and is creeping its way to a seven-book series at last check.

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