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About the Blog

This blog started as part of a reading assignment for a Young Adult Services class in my graduate studies at Kent State University. The assignment was to read about twenty-five young adult books and write reviews regarding their quality, popularity, and different issues addressed in the writing. As I began working on the reviews, I realized that I had years and years of book journals and logs handwritten in old spiral-bound notebooks, scribbled on library receipts, and collected in a variety of computerized databases. So while most of these posts will reflect my current reading, some of them will be retrospective, looking back over twenty years worth of visiting public libraries.

I hope that as this blog grows, it will become useful for readers’ advisory and reference both for my own use and for other readers.

I make the disclaimer that I have grown up in and worked in fairly conservative communities, so my reviews may reflect that when mentioning elements of plots and issues addressed within the books. Opinions and criticisms mentioned within reviews, unless noted, are my own, and should not be taken as anything other than personal expression.

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